This is a power point presentation (one hour) where Afrikan legacies are defined and matched to Afrikan Sheroes/Heroes.  Parents, educators and leadership will identify their own Afrikan Sheroes/Heroes and encourages students to claim either from within their own families. The qualities of the Afrikan Sheroes/Heroes will be identified and attendees will match their own personal qualities to the Afrikan Shero/Hero. Parents, educators and leadership will then create a plan to continue the Afrikan legacy of which ever Afrikan Shero/Hero selected.

*Expanded Session  (1 hour) in relation to AVS sessions may include interactive discussion and engagement on the role of Afrikan Value Systems in the continuation of Afrikan legacies? Components of AVS are identified as essential to the development and continuation of Afrikan legacies. Shared strategies to connect the AVS components to the continuation of Afrikan legacies will allow parents, educators and leadership to reinforce their own knowledge of AVS.