These sessions (3)  involve strategies for parents, educators and leadership to guide and facilitate Afrikan centered knowledge in empowering Afrikan youth in developing strategies to counter miseducation that persists in school curriculums throughout America and beyond. Specifically, these sessions(s) allow Afrikan youth to counter the miseducation that persists in the stories about Afrikan people.  For instance, while many of us know of the “War of 1812,” few of know of the “Wars of 1812” that involved Afrikan people in this country. Few of us are knowledgeable of the War of Adwoa, the Zanj rebellions and the fact that the Civil War in this country was about the bodies of enslaved Afrikans. Afrikan people have fought in many wars for their human rights over civil rights.  Afrikan people are a majority people, not a minority people because all human groups derive from Afrikans. Afrikan people have written and spoken languages since humans began uttering sounds. The most languages both written and spoken exist in Afrika, hence, Afrikans were never illiterate.