Matriarchies & Ghettoes!

Matriarchies & Ghettoes! The Sister makes some valid points & defines what she”s talking about which is important for clarity.  I think an additional is how some Afrikan Am women r adopting male positions in their partner choices, clothing and personal characters.  This is confusing for our children & weakens our communities.  We have so Continue Reading

WMP/CRC Summer Specials!!! – Custom Made Family Reunion Items in Products/Services Link!

1 – Afrikan Centered Stationery with your family motto, logo, crest or initials 10 pages and 10 envelopes for $25.00 2 – Family Kalendars custom designed to include photos, events, birthdays, graduations, business openings, family trees.  A unique family memorabilia, one of a kind keepsake. 3- Family migration maps – Tell the stories of where Continue Reading