Matriarchies & Ghettoes!

Matriarchies & Ghettoes!

The Sister makes some valid points & defines what she”s talking about which is

important for clarity.  I think an additional is how some Afrikan Am women r adopting male positions in their partner choices, clothing and personal characters.  This is confusing for our children & weakens our communities.  We have so much work 2 do 2 maintain a semblance of balance & order in Afrikan families.  Do purchase the book & support an Afrikan female scholar, like myself  here

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Iya Adjua, PhD

Iya Adjua’s Recommended Compact Reading List

Iya Adjua’s Recommended Compact Readings

I recommend these readings for African people who are interested in learning the Afrikan story and continue to build on Afrikcan survival strategies!

-Iya Adjua

1.  Know Thy Self/ Naim Akbar

2.  The Egyptian Philosophers: Ancient African Voices From Imhotep To Akhenaten/ Molefi K. Asante

3.  You Left Your Mind in Africa/ Katherine Bankole

4.  African People and European Holidays: A Mental Genocide – Bks 1 & 2/ Ishakamusa Barashango

5.  African People in World History/ John Henrik Clarke

6.  Towards The African Renaissance: Essays In Culture and Development/ Cheikh Anta Diop

7.  72 Concepts to Liberate the African Mind: Selections from the Dictionary of African Centered Knowledge

-Uhuru & Talibah Baker Hotep

8.  New News Out of Africa/ Charlayne Hunter-Gault

9.  The Origin of the Word Amen: Ancient Knowledge the Bible Has Never Told/ Jahi Issa & Salim Faraji

10. Kindezi: The Kongo Art of Babysittimg/ K.Kia FuKiau & A. M. Lukondo-Wamba

11. African Power: Affirming African Indigenous Socialiation in the Face of the Culture Wars/

-Nana Baffour Amankwatia II – Asa Hilliard, III

12. Selections From The Husia: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt/ Maulana Karenga

13. Let The Circle Be Unbroken/ Marimba Ani (Dona Richards)

14. Malcolm X on Afro-American History/ El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X)

15. Afrikan Alphabets: The Story of Writing in Afrika/ Saki Mafundikwa

16. You Are Already A Wife…Long Before The First Date/Latoiya K. Bailey

17. My Seven Other Mothers: A Journey of Transformation/Lenetta Raysha Lee

18. The Global African Community: Travel Notes/Runoko Rashidi

19. The Psychopathic Racial Personality & Other Essays/Bobby E. Wright

20. The Teachings of Ptah Hotep: The Oldest Book in the World/Asa Hilliard. III, Larry Williams & Nia Damali

21. Why Our Children Hate Us/Eric K. Grimes & Butch Slaughter

22. Ancient Egypt & Black Africa: A Student’s Handbook for the Study of Ancient Egypt in Philosophy, Linguistics & Gender Relations/Theophile Obenga

23. Kill Them Before They Grow: Misdiagnosis of African American Boys in American Classrooms/Michael Porter

24. African-Centered Education: Its Value, Importance and Necessity in the Development of Black Children/Haki & Safisha Madhubuti, PhD

25. The Black Folks’ Little Instruction Book/Denise L. Stinson


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We have no more excuses for not knowing that which is made known 2 us!!!  Let’s git it, NOW!!!