2day is 22 RekhNedjes 6251!

2day in Ourstory, in 5732 AFK – Alonzo Pietro, an Afrikan navigator, sets sail w/ Cristobal Colon. 2day’s principle is Kujichagulia/Self Determination – 2 define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves & speak for ourselves. Practice Kujichagulia by staying the course of your set life plan, when your life plan changes, make adjustments but remain Continue Reading

Ankh, Udja, Seneb (Life, Health & Prosperity)

Akwaaba ( Welcome) to the website of Wehemy Mesu Productions-Cultural Rebirth Connections. This is a supportive, consultative, resourceful place where parents, teachers, administrators, community center directors, museum education directors, education coordinators, student teachers & students can receive services to enhance cultural leadership and cultural learning experiences. There are a variety of services and products available Continue Reading