Here is my contribution to the call for “Justice or Else!” I’m happy to say that this endeavor was in place prior to the call.

Weeks 3 and 4 garnered the same as week 2 but there’s promise of attendance via parents inquiries.

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Iwa Rere Flyer

Last week was another beginning of my contributions to the Afrikan community in Philadelphia, Pa. rising Afrikan Female Incarceration Rates {AFIR} contribute to the continuing dissolution of Afrikan families in America.  In 2010, Black women were incarcerated at nearly 3 times the rate of white women (133 versus 47 per 100,000) (  Black women represent 30% of all incarcerated women in the U.S, although they represent 13% of the female population generally (  While it’s clear that men are incarcerated at a much higher rate than women — almost 14 times higher, in 2012 — it is also clear that women have been a much faster growing subset of the U.S.’s incarcerated population (  Current research shows that 1 in every 14 Black children in the U.S. have at least one parent in prison, compared with one in every 125 white children. Black children are almost nine times more likely than white children to have a parent in prison -(; Douglass Blackmon (2009).

It is these statistics that have led me to create an opportunity for Afrikan girls ages 9-16 that is derived from our Afrikan Families of the Yoruba group.  Iwa Rere (Good Character) Development Sessions are a necessity in these days and times.  Having good character allows girls to practice the 3 Essences of Humanity (Jedi Shemsu Djhuti – Jacob Carruthers (1999); where they think before they speak before they act .

It’s a lack of practice in being human that causes our children to behave in ways that are in essence inhumane or disconnected. A lot of Afrikan people remain disconnected among one another and for our Afrikan girls, many do not comprehend how their thoughts, words and actions effect their entire biological and extended family members. Blindly living ones life can lead to life decisions that will effect an Afrikan female/girl for the rest of her life in a negatively challenging way that leads to illiteracy, poverty and incarceration.  Iwa Rere Sessions are a way to counter ignorance of the power of Afrikan females thereby empowering them to be the Kweenly leaders they are meant to be for the continuing survival of Afrikan people. Do your part by simply sharing this flyer to “Join them Girls up for these Iwa Rere Sessions!”