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Iya Adjua (@IyaAdjua) said, on November 28, 2011 at 4:28 pm

I agree with Hari Jones about celebrating Juneteenth, especially the fact that as Jones states “Certainly, informed and knowledgeable people should not celebrate the suppression of their own history. Juneteenth day is a de facto celebration of such suppression. Americans, especially Americans of African descent, should not celebrate when the enslaved were freed by someone else, because that’s not the accurate story. They should celebrate when the enslaved freed themselves, by saving the Union. Such freedmen were heroes, not spectators, and their story is currently being suppressed by the advocates of the Juneteenth national holiday.”

Let’s get this [Juneteenth info] right and leave room for the acknowledgement of the Gullah Wars falsely known by some as the Seminole Indian War. A War for freedom that led to the Civil War, it is Afrikan people who have to learn and tell our own true stories despite mainstream supported suppression thereof.

Iya Adjua, PhD
The Culture Rebel!