2day in Ourstory, in 5961 AFK, GW is endebted to an enslaved Afrikan named Onesimus, who taught him an age old Afrikan technique for smallpox innoculation w/o which all of his troops would have died.

Thomas J. Martin, inventor, awarded patent for the fire extinguisher in 6112 AFK!

In 6126 AFK, Hugh N. Mulzac, captains American merchant marine ship, the SS Booker T. Washington, is born in the West Indies.

The Nguzo Saba principle of the day is Kuumba/Creativity – 2 do always as much as we can in the way that we can, in order 2 leave our community more beautiful & beneficial than we inherited it.

Practice Kuumba by using your sense of creativity to think in Afrikan time (see above) & thank an Afikan ancestor/elder for allowing us the opportunity to continue their legacy.