It’s important to note that our Afrikan ancestors thought of time in terms of events; what happened, what is happening & what will happen in the future. Their idea of time was not set within a limited time frame, like a day, hour or minute.  The idea of time for Afrikan people is interrelated & connected which is very different from the concept of time in which many Afrikans now find ourselves.  It is only through a Wehemy Mesu/Cultural Rebirth Connection that we will be able to connect, reconnect & restore ourselves 2 who we are naturally.

There are many ways to have a Wehemy Mesu/Cultural Rebirth Connection and one of them is to make the attempt to become conscious of Afrikan language and Afrikan time, thinking of it & speaking of it (time) in the way our ancestors spoke & thought of time.  Nowadays there are Kemetic, Ethiopian, African American, African Women, Jazz & all kinds of cultural kalendars, like Black Seeds & 365 Days of Real Black History.  Kemetic & Ethiopian kalendars will allow you to think in Afrikan time as both of these kalendars post years in Afrikan time.  African American, African Women & Afrikan sports players kalendars will tune you into what has happened in the Afrikan experience on a daily basis. Black Seeds & 365 Days of Real Black History allow Afrikan people to learn of the efforts of our sheroes, heroes & freedom fighters & additional efforts to gain our freedom.

Viewing the events that have occurred by and with Afrikan people or the mini bios of Afrikan people listed on the aforementioned kalendars can provide a daily instant source of information that will help you focus your daily thoughts on the people who have sacrificed their lives and participated in events that are a part of who you are today.  Additionally, as we remain a people in search of ourselves, I’m sure that some of us are or have been exposed to aspects of our Afrikan story.  For me it was learning of the Seminole Indians & the Gullah people of the South seeing actual pictures and reading information about these people helped to connect me to a larger group of Afrikan people as now I had actual locations and stories of survival.

In using Kemetic/Ethiopian Kalendars, Afrikan people can speak the language of our ancestors as well as think in their time versus in the time of our fellow human groups.  More importantly we can come our from the confines of another culture to celebrate our own Afrikan culture by creating or selecting our own holidays.  A great example is Kwanzaa, a seven day holiday still practiced by Afrikan people.  The questions begs answering “Why do Afrikan people want to do everything that their fellow human groups do, except value, practice & transmit our own culture?  We need a Wehemy Mesu/Cultural Rebirth Connection to  “Do Sankofa & Remind Our Souls.”  Such may be achieved via usage of Kalendars reflective of Afrikan time, that celebrates Afrikan experiences and & speaks Afrikan languages.

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