Afrikan scholars have determined, via recorded evidence, that civilizations existed in Afrika 4240 years prior to European civilizations.

(Asa Hilliard, 2004; Rekhety Wimby Jones, 2002; Jacob Carruthers, 1999)

To convert Euro years to Kemetic years + 4240 to the Euro yrs hence 4240 + 2011 makes it 6251.

To convert Kemetic yrs to Euro – 4240, hence; 6251 – 4240 = 2011

The Kemetic year begins on 1 MesoRa (August 1).

The Kemetic dates are written with no commas = 18 Rekh Nedjes 6251 (March 18, 2011)

These are the Kemetic months:

MesoRa/August                                               Rekh Wer/Feb

Jehewty/Sept                                                   Rekh Nedjes/Mar

Menkhet/Oct                                                    Renutet/April

HetHeru/Nov                                                   Khonsu/May

KaHerKa/Dec                                                    Paini/June

ShefBdet/Jan                                                    Ipet/July

Try this: Convert your earthdate (birthdate) into Kemetic time by selecting your earthdate; 31

Select your month of birth; December/ShefBdet

then convert your year of birth by + 4240 to your European year of your birth (1992);

write your earthdate in Kemetic form with the date month and converted European year (+4240)

This Kemetic date  – 31 ShefBedt 6232 represents this earthdate – December, 31, 1992

More Info:  The Preliminary Challenge, Rekhety Wimby; Intellectual Warfare, Jacob Carruthers; Sba: The Reawakening of the Afrikan Mind, Asa Hilliard

Iya Adjua, PhD

21 RekhNedjes 6251