1. Join an organization that promotes African interests.
2. Help stimulate the economies in the African community. In other
words, support progressive African-owned
business establishments.
3. Think about visiting Africa and other African population centers,
e.g. Brazil, Jamaica, Haiti, Panama, Fiji, just to name a few.
4. Support the scholars and activists that bring and promote
messages of African liberation.
5. Support African educational institutions, be they HBCUs or
independent African community-based educational institutions.
6. Especially support African bookstores.
7. Have African literature in your homes and display African art on
the walls of your homes.
8. Preserve African archives and libraries.
9. Get involved in programs supportive of African elders, African
youth, those Africans facing physical challenges, and the growing
army of Africans incarcerated in the criminal just us system.
10. Stop bad-mouthing Africa and Africans and sit down and talk
with African people individually and collectively with love, concern,
tolerance, understanding, patience, and respect.