Akwaaba ( Welcome) to the website of Wehemy Mesu Productions-Cultural Rebirth Connections. This is a supportive, consultative, resourceful place where parents, teachers, administrators, community center directors, museum education directors, education coordinators, student teachers & students can receive services to enhance cultural leadership and cultural learning experiences. There are a variety of services and products available via Wehemy Mesu Productions that address rebirth, wisdom, knowledge and abundance (see the links above) allowing for the cultural rebirth of individuals or groups.

As an expert in the field of African Centered education, a practitioner and theorist, it is my personal desire to assist in the provision of constructing, coordinating and implementing African centered leadership workshop, activities and learning experiences for people who are interested in a deeper development of themselves as a part of the African Family, the Human family. Whatever the need in terms of constructing, planning and implementing African centered leadership skills and learning experiences, Wehemy Mesu Productions is a premium choice in bringing your needs into an African centered reality!

Do peruse the site and share feed forward (feedback) so that adjustments are implemented to make the site more informative, user friendly and productive. Asante sana for visiting this site and do share this website location with your family, friends and colleagues to enhance the cultural, intellectual development of people who participate, guide and formulate the learning experiences of both students and adults.

Make sure you visit all of the links, especially services and products, so that you become aware of all that is offered via Wehemy Mesu Productions/Cultural Rebirth Connections. The bottom right of the page has more contact information to various websites that are African centered and deal with culture in some way, shape or form. Check here often as the list changes. Also, the twitter feed is a wealth of resources and current events. Further connect with me on facebook, blog talk radio, youtube or rss.

Enjoy your day and remember to live your life as a human not a label!!!

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